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This section is a guide to potential IP buyers.

It is strongly advised that potential IP buyers first verify whether the IP they are looking for matches the technological areas in which ActiveLinks focuses.
(Please see below.)

The ideal way to start the process with ActiveLinks is by e-mailing us.

Write to: buy-ip [at], or contact any of our worldwide offices, see Contact Us.

Please describe the patents you are interested in buying, in as much detail as possible. In most cases, we will get back to you within several days, after we have scanned our database.

IP Areas of Technology in Which We Specialize:

Areas of Technology:
Our IP Database contains patents in all areas of digital technology.
It includes but is not limited to hardware and software related to:
SecurityTelecom, Wireless, Internet, Web Applications, Storage, Memory, Software, Networking, Semiconductors, Database, Computers, Microprocessors, Consumer Electronics, Imaging, Video.