Naturally, most IP transactions are confidential, but some of our clients have been kind enough to endorse us publicly. The following testimonials represent a small number of actual recommendations that we have received from satisfied clients.
Note: As a courtesy to our clients, please contact them only after prior coordination with ActiveLinks.

Michael Rothschild – Inventor and CTO (Sold his IP portfolio through ActiveLinks and is currently working with Active Links on new IP sales.) “I worked with ActiveLinks on a very complicated IP sales project. Gideon Keydar brought the buyer and managed his side of the project very professionally, skillfully navigating around obstacles that, when first encountered, seemed to threaten the whole deal. Gideon, more than anything else, is a man of his word – a quality that is invaluable in this type of business. Working with him was very rewarding, both financially and personally.”

Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear LLP, San Diego (One of the United States’ largest patent law firms. The name of the contact attorney may be provided after coordination with ActiveLinks.) “Gideon Keydar and I worked on a patent transaction where he represented the Intellectual Property buyer. I found Gideon to be very professional, quick to respond and focused on the important issues. He was very helpful and effective in overcoming obstacles that came along the way. I will not hesitate and look forward to doing more business with him in the future.”

Chemi Ben Noon, Lawyer “I worked together with Gideon Keydar on a deal in which I represented a client who sold several patents in an intricate deal. We all worked hard but I have no doubt that Gideon and his associates made the material contribution. Without his attention to detail, his ability to point out the important issues and focus on the solution rather than the problem, and his understanding of the psychology of negotiation, the deal would have never closed. I would like to say that I would be happy to work with Gideon on the next deal but we are already working on it…”

Bromberg & Sunstein LLP, Boston LLP (Renowned US patent law firm. The name of the contact attorney may be provided after coordination with ActiveLinks.) “I worked with Gideon Keydar in securing the sale of a patent for one of my clients. He was experienced, professional, insightful, and went the extra mile to make sure it was a win/win for all parties. He is on the top of my list for people to contact when I have another transaction of that type.”

Dorr, Carson & Birney, P.C., (Leading US patent law firm. The name of the contact attorney may be provided after coordination with ActiveLinks.) “Gideon Keydar represented me in the sale of my invention. As an individual inventor within the United States, my interests were thoroughly and professionally represented by Gideon. I look forward to a future relationship and I do not hesitate in recommending Gideon to others. Thanks Gideon!”

Amir Alon, (CEO of a company that sold an IP portfolio.) “I worked with ActiveLinks which brought the buyers for a large patent sale deal. Gideon Keydar guided us and skillfully managed the process to its closure. Gideon is very knowledgeable and experienced in IP trade. I have known him for many years and he is man of his word. It was a very lucrative deal and fun too…”

Uzi Ish-Hurwitz, (Founder of a company that sold its IP.) “We sold a portfolio of patents and ActiveLinks brought the buyer. Gideon Keydar navigated the deal proficiently and helped us overcome obstacles that came along the way. I hired Gideon for work at Scitex many years ago and know him to be very professional, resourceful and a trustworthy person. I look forward for the next deal with ActiveLinks.”