Sell your patents

This section is a guide to potential sellers, providing important information such as which IP is of interest to ActiveLinks, and how sellers can optimally work with us to sell their IP at the highest price, in the shortest time, and with minimal overhead.
We strongly advise that sellers who wish to offer IP for sale to ActiveLinks first verify that the IP for sale matches our requirements.
Verify Whether Your IP Meets Our Criteria

We recommend you start the process with ActiveLinks by writing us to
sell-ip [at], or write to us at one of our worldwide offices.
To begin, you can send us only the patent numbers or, in addition, any information you consider important. Since we have established relations with a number of buyers, in most cases, we can tell you in a matter of days whether one of our buyers is interested.

ActiveLinks Provides the Following Services for Sellers:

  • Short, simple, low-overhead sales process.
  • Introduction of IP offering to a network of IP buyers with whom ActiveLinks has long and trusted relationships. This means that IP is presented to potential buyers promptly (rather than having the client wait while we search for buyers). This significantly shortens the sales cycle.
  • Guidance in the presentation of IP, and in creation of the strongest possible price justification, maximizing the return on IP assets.
  • Price negotiation on the sellers’ behalf.
  • Assistance in negotiating Patent Purchase Agreements.
  • Assistance in streamlining the generation and transfer of required patent documents (Deliverables) following the signing of Patent Purchase Agreements.
  • Assistance throughout the payment process to ensure rapid transfer of IP ownership and compensation.
  • Management and streamlining of the entire IP sales process. There is no need for travel or physical meetings.
  • Expertise in overcoming obstacles, bridging differences and closing cultural gaps which may exist between buyers and sellers.

The Value of IP is Increasingly Recognized by Organizations and Individuals

The value of Intellectual Property as a major source of revenue is increasingly recognized by organizations and individuals. It should be noted that IP sales are “bottom line” and, as some CFOs estimate, are equivalent to three to five times product sales. Sale of IP via ActiveLinks demands minimal overhead and expense on the client part and requires no travel.

Common Reasons for Selling IP:

  • Change of business focus, resulting in the fact that some IP is no longer relevant. Instead of earning money, the IP collects dust and maintenance fees.
  • Companies which have ceased operations and are left with inactive IP.
  • M&A acquired IP, resulting in a situation where some of the acquired IP is of no use to the new organization.
  • Companies in need of cash sell IP and receive back-license from the buyer.
  • IP owned by individuals.

Before Contacting ActiveLinks:
Verify Whether Your IP Meets Our Criteria

Areas of Technology:
We are interested in all areas of digital technology, including, but not limited to hardware and software related to: Security, Telecom, Wireless, Internet, Web Applications, Storage, Memory, Software, Networking, Semiconductors, Database, Computers, Microprocessors, Consumer Electronics, Imaging, Video.

Stage of the IP for Sale:
The IP for sale must include at least one US Issued patent or a patent application that is close to being issued (“Allowed”). We cannot process patent applications unless they are part of a portfolio that includes at least one US issued patent or they are in “Allowed” state.

Clean Title:
The patent must be a “clean title,” i.e., the seller actually owns the patent or has full rights to sell it, and no third party has any hold or lien or other rights that prevent the sale of the patent.

Entire Family:
Our buyers buy full ownership of the entire family of the subject patents, including: patent application, reissues, re-examinations, extensions, continuations and foreign counterparts.

Patent Portfolios:
A collection of 3 patents or more is strongly preferred. Some of our largest transactions were of portfolios of 10-50 patents. Even if the price for each individual patent is not high, it is still possible to achieve a sizable transaction.

Back Licensing:
In most cases, if they wish, sellers can get free back licensing for their own use.

ActiveLinks works on a contingency basis and takes no retainers or any type of upfront fees. ActiveLinks represents the seller. Our sole compensation is a success fee from sellers. We get paid by the seller when the seller is paid.

A Typical IP Sale Process:

  • The seller sends the patent number(s) of the IP for sale to ActiveLinks.
  • We present this to the buyers with whom we work to check on interest. Typically, we can get an indication of interest within several days (as we work via existing relationships with potential buyers and do not start a search from scratch.)
  • When a buyer has indicated interest, ActiveLinks initiates a conference call with the seller. The purpose of this call is as follows:
    • Clarify the goals of the seller, including sale price and time frame.
    • ActiveLinks provides its knowledge and experience, which is based on a history of many transactions, to guide the seller in how to present the IP and create the best price justification to attain maximum price.
    • Determination of special needs of the seller, for example, back licensing.
    • Discussion of business terms.
  • ActiveLinks then sends the seller a Checklist summarizing the call and verifying that the seller has everything required to conclude the transaction.
  • The seller sends the completed Checklist to ActiveLinks.
  • ActiveLinks sends relevant parts of the Checklist to the interested buyer.
  • Price negotiation begins. ActiveLinks manages the price negotiations on the sellers’ behalf. Our clients benefit from the fact that we have done this many times.
  • When the price is agreed, the seller receives a draft Patent Purchase Agreement from the buyer.
  • In parallel, the seller promptly signs a success fee agreement with ActiveLinks, based on the terms included in above Checklist.
  • The seller and buyer negotiate and sign a Patent Purchase Agreement. ActiveLinks is available to assist throughout. Our clients benefit from the fact that we have gone through this process many times, thus we can save them significant time and expense.
  • When the Patent Purchase Agreement is signed, ActiveLinks guides the user in how to most efficiently access and prepare the patent documents which must be provided to the buyer (Deliverables), in order to close the deal.
  • The payment is made by electronic transfer, shortly after the submission of the required Deliverables. ActiveLinks follows up to verify completion.
  • The seller pays ActiveLinks, according to the success fee agreement.